Main settings


Options that can be adjusted by clicking the "Settings" button on the main screen.



"Login" Tab 



Moon Bot Settings Login Tab

Language selection: Choose from English, Russian, Spanish languages for MoonBot interface. 
- Select the crypto exchange you will be trading on, before entering the API keys. Click  Apply
API Key -  connection to the exchange related field 
API Secret connection to the exchange related field
Your Name, Telegram @Login - optional fields, also used for Social Trading
Password / Show API password - local security measures

Registration ID: Moon Bot specific ID number. An alternative to your Account ID in the Bot's ecosystem. 

Free Version / PRO Version - indicator showing your type of Moonbot, free or paid, unlocked PRO version.

Support - links to Telegram channels, English or Russian language, separate button for each.

I agree to send debug data to bot's server - bug reporting automatic tool, as well, needed to be turned on for Social Trading


"Main" Tab 



Moon Bot Settings Main Tab

Analyze coins on startup - Force history data load upon startup. It extends Moon Bot's loading time until you are able to trade, but at the same time it uploads necessary market data, to fill out Markets Table (Show Markets button)

After your buy order is completed, the Bot immediately sets a sell order at a predetermined price [actual buy price]+Y% and shows the market chart with volumes distribution. Watching the chart you may decide that the sell price is too high and the coin does not go as good as you would like. In this case you can activate the Panic Sell function, which commands the Bot to repeatedly replace your sell order with defined incrementation. There are some settings to control auto-activation and behavior of this function:

Panic Sell group

Moon Bot Panic Sell Main Settings

Let Panic Sell drop price to [actual buy] -X %: Allowed Drop
level. This option applies only to manually activated Panic Sell by pressing the "Panic Sell" button on a market chart. You allow the Bot to drop the price of your sell order down to [actual buy price - X%]. This means that the bot will replace your order until it's price is higher than [actual buy price - X%]. If the price is already lower than this value at the time Panic Sell activated, the order will not be moved.
Panic Sell Spread: 
Current price -(minus) Spread = target level for order replacement. Incrementations value for Panic Sell replacement attempts within Allowed drop window. This option applies to both manually and auto activated Panic Sell. This is the value in percentage of current ASK price to lower your sell order into BIDs zone upon Panic Sell activation (either manual or autoactivation as stop loss\trailing stop\V-stop). 

Current price and actual buy price = 100
Allowed drop = -10%
Panic sell spread = 1%
Panic sell button pressed
Sell order replaced to 99(if not sold, then↓)
Sell order replaced to 98
Sell order replaced to 90
... (do nothing, we hit lowest Allowed Drop Level)

Stop Loss and Trailing Stop group


These options apply to auto activated Panic Sell (Stop Loss or Trailing Stop):

  • Auto Panic Sell if price drops < [actual buy] -Y %: When the bot detects, that current ASK price drops lower than [actual buy price - Y%] it will automatically activate the Panic Sell tool.
  • Take Profit [actual buy] +X% : Activate Trailing Stop after the price has entered no-loss area ([actual buy] +X%)
  • Auto Panic Sell can drop price to [actual buy] -Z %: If the Panic Sell tool was activated automatically, you allow the bot to drop the price of your sell order down to [actual buy price - Z%]. Note that Z should be less then Y: If the bot activates the Panic Sell at level Y, it should have room to move your order down to Z, otherwise your order won't be moved, will be stuck and not sold.
  • Auto Panic Sell If price drops , [Peak] -X% : It's the Trailing Stop function: after the bot sets your sell order, it starts to watch current market price, and when it detects that price was raised and then dropped X% lower than the peak value, it will activate Panic Sell.
  • Add 0.X% to trailing per each % of price: Slider defining the rate of increasing trailing stop % as the price grows. i.e. it makes sense to increase trailing stop distance if the price is increasing significantly, since a bigger correction than expected, might happen. For example, if initial trailing was -1% and x=0.1% when market price raises to 10%, new trailing will be -2%.
  • Panic Sell if BIDs at [buy] +-X% drops: V-Stop preset. Very useful feature, defining the preset level for V-Stop in manual trading. Can be used as an additional, tighter stop loss, that will be activated manually as soon as the price crosses no-loss area. 


Auto Sell [If partial buy > N%]:
If your buy order is partially executed for more than N%, then it will be canceled and the Bot will immediately sell all bought coins according to your sell settings. Useful option, if you play with high volume, its too risky to wait until buy order is fully executed.

Auto cancel BUY [after X seconds/minutes]:
Timer to autocancel the pending buy order.

Don't cancel small BUYs: Don't auto cancel BUY order if the filled amount is less than the minimum lot  

Cancel small SELLs: Auto cancel SELL order if the remaining amount is smaller than the minimum lot.

Fit Sell order in best place in the order book: You let the bot to slightly adjust sell order price to gain the best Risk/Reward ratio. Immediately after your buy order is completed, Bot analyzes sell orders book. It may happen that there is a large wall in the book, in this case, the Bot will move sell price down, under this wall. Conversely, if it turns out that there are no walls near the given price, then Bot will move the price upwards, to the nearest safe level. (Range in which the bot can move sell price is 0.2 of your sell price percentages, for example, If you set sell price as [+10%], the bot can modify it in the range between +8% and +12%).

"Good Pump" Conditions: Group of conditions, upon the occurrence of which Bot uses the second, higher sell price. To apply the second price, every marked with check marks condition should be met.

  • If price changed < X%: Check the deviation of the coin's price for the last hour. High deviation can occur if the signal chat admins bought the coin themselves before declaring the pump, or have made a repost from another channel where the pump started earlier.
  • If pump Q > N: Check the pump "quality" of the coin. Look next chapter how this value is calculated.
  • If actual buy < X%: Check If actual buy price differs less than by X% from the price before the pump started. If this condition is met for small X%, it means that there was no prepump (i.e. the admins haven't bought too much in advance) and you managed to buy fast enough.

Risk Limit Conditions: Group of conditions under which the Bot will not automatically buy. Auto-buy will not occur if at least one of the marked conditions met:

  • Don't buy If price changed > X%: If price deviation for the last hour is greater than X%.
  • Don't buy If pump Q < N: If the pump "quality" of the coin is less than N.
  • Don't buy if Daily Volume < X BTC: Specify the minimum daily volume allowed to be traded 
  • Don't buy if 3h Volume > X BTC: Specify the maximum 3h volumes to be traded
  • Don't buy already pumped: If the pump signal for the same coin has already come in the current session. A useful option if you have several signals sources that can duplicate each other.
  • Don't buy these coins: Avoid trading coins, separated by a comma. Blacklist analog
  • Don't buy delisted coins: Don't trade coins, marked as delisted.
  • Don't buy newly added coins X minutes/hours: Newly added to the exchange coins have high-risk probability, being highly volatile in most of the cases. Especially useful for automated bots, left for weeks on virtual servers on their own.
  • Under conditions above buy but use lowest hourly price: If the bot detect bad pump by conditions above and you turn this option, the bot will place a buy order but will use not your predefined buy price, but a minimum price for that coin for last hour. You may want this option to be able to manually move placed order higher or to cancel it, up to you.

"Telegram & AutoBuy" tabs



MoonBot Telegram Tab
MoonBot Autobuy Tab

 Both of these tabs, require a separate Page, describing Moon Bot's amazing functionality - Trading Telegram Signals.

Another Feature available on the AutoBuy Tab is Detect Coins in Clipboard

Auto BUY from Clipboard: 
Turn on/off auto buy function on the detected coin in the clipboard.
Listen Clipboard: Turn on/off the clibpoard listener

"Autodetection" Tab



MoonBot Autodetection Tab

Autodetection tab is an early-stage setup page of the most commonly used autodetects in Moonbot. This section is not supported anymore.
All related and similar settings descriptions are available in the Strategies section.

"Advanced" Tab



MoonBot Settings Advanced Tab

Engine settings

Auto buy BNB: auto top-up your BNB balance(recommended as the payment method of the exchange's commission)
Auto close charts after X minutes of inactivity: Defines the amount of no activity on the coin's chart area, will result in chart auto closing.
Iceberg Buys / Iceberg Sells: Activate Iceberg-type of orders, separately on buys and/or sells. Specify max Price Step
Charts in reports X minutes after close: Continue recording trading history for visual post-trade analysis.
Sell x2 Level for markets analysis: Show Markets tab defining values for x2 / x3 columns

Binance connection method: various options to switch between, trying to achieve the best connection with the exchange

Remote Command through Telegram / Sending activity stats to Telegram: specify a Telegram group chat and receive reports, send commands to your Moonbot

Log level: Define the amount and value of log messages, using 0-5 level steps
Delete old logs: Specify the amount of time to keep the visual trade screen logs
Extended Debug Mode: Add extra information on top of the main screen, showing additional bot performance information
Add small random % to sell price: Adds a small amount to the sell price, to avoid constant, even and similar figures in trading history
Unlimited orders: PRO-users only. Specifically, experienced users only, removes the 30-max orders limit from your Moonbot instance
Max Orders: specify the maximum number of simultaneously open orders
UDP Export: Export Moonbot data flow to local UDP port, more here
Market Data Export: Export Moonbot data flow to a *.txt file, for further off-site analysis

"User Interface" Tab



MoonBot Settings Interface Tab

Main Window / General performance

Show Log window: Display/hide Log Window frame
Show Orders window: Display/hide Active Orders frame
Close to System Tray: Closing the bot will hide to System Tray
Auto pop up on signal: Auto pop up the bot window upon signal detection
Hide forum link from the main window: Remove the forum link from the main window
Use fixed buy order volume: choose to work with fixed or floating order selector type
Scrolling charts: Multiple charts will either have a fixed frame size or will "stack" in the main window
Auto open charts on startup: choose to open the chart for all open orders upon startup
Optimize orders window: tweaks for orders window rendering
Fast charts update: Full-screen chart will display orders on the chart twice as faster
Hide "Demo" Button: Hide the Demo button from the main window
Confirm App close: Before closing, the app will ask for a confirmation
Encrypt reports: Reports file will be encrypted and thus restricted to offline editing

Play Sound on signal detection
Alert when 1% left to sell price
Alert when 0% left to buy price
Additional sound settings for signals and price action

Style: choose from "white" or "black" theme
Reset reports form: revert Reports columns placement and settings to default settings

Market charts / Active control area

Color for order lines: Choose the colors of the order management functions
Price line width: choose the width of the Price Line

Draw Panic sell zone opacity: Depending on your order size, the order book opacity will change, showing the approximate target price level in case of panic sell
Draw order book zones with opacity: show order book zones with selected opacity, helping to define zones even with smallest orders
Background image and opacity: Choose an alternative background image, select its opacity
Double click Panic Sell button: Panic sell button will be activated only after doubleclick. Helps avoid occasional misclicks on the button on the next second after the order was filled
Double click on Orderbook to put order: easiest and faster and at the same time, the most precise way to place an order.
Prevent new charts in Fullscreen Mode: Chart open in Full-Screen mode will have priority over new detects and will not be interrupted or overlayed
Chart info in right corner: Coin BV/SV volumes info placement change
Click to replace order: choose the preferred action for order replacement. Helps avoid misclicks during fast-paced trading
Split control zones: Selecting this option will restrict order management zone only to order book area
Draw Stoploss line: on/off stoploss line drawing
New chart on top: Every coming new detect will pop up on top of other previously open charts
Update chart's caption: New detects on the same market will update the chart's caption(top area last detect info)

"Hotkeys" Tab



MoonBot Main Settings Hotkeys Tab

Fixed order size buttons.
Input values for each order size button on the main window, define hotkeys for each of them. Very useful for Manual Trading, keep different order sizes handy.

"Autostart" Tab



MoonBot Main Settings Autostart Tab

Turn Start on Startup
Turn Autodetect on Startup
Turn Strategies on Startup
Self-explanatory options, needed for standalone startup and keep-alive functions

VDS optimized mode: lower graphics performance, giving more priority to calculations and order management functions
Autoupdate: Auto update and restart as soon as the new version is available for download on the website
Stop if loss greater than: Stop working conditions. General, overall stop-loss condition
Global Panic Sell if BTC rate drops: Panic sell all open orders if BTC drops X%
Global Panic Sell if all marketing avg. hourly rate drops: Panic sell all open orders if average market delta drops X%
Auto Stop if errors level >=X: Auto stop if exchange lags detected
Auto Stop if Ping >XXXX ms: Auto stop if connection lags detected

"Settings Wizard" Tab



MoonBot Settings Wizard Tab

Main Settings Presets. Especially helpful for quick setup for Premium Moon Telegram channel(also viable for setting up any other Signlas channel, by applying Premium Channel preset, thus activating common signals trading keywords and signal detection rules).

Links to  Telegram discussion chats

Links to online and offline manuals

"Unlock" Tab



MoonBot Settings Unlock Tab

PRO unlock page.
This page will show your PRO activation status.
The payment to unlock your Moonbot to PRO version is also performed and tracked on this page.