Dear Users!

Our team intends to implement a large-scale project aimed to transform MoonBot into a professional trading terminal MoonTrader and a system of services based on it.

Every day your requests and suggestions and our efforts constantly improved the project and affected its complexity, and today, the development of MoonBot has reached the technological limit of the application.

We faced a dilemma: either to stop in development (which today is already incredibly difficult to support technically) and watch how the market develops further without our own evolution, or solve the situation radically and follow the path of full-scale reprocessing of the Terminal.

Such a solution requires major investments and resources; having carefully considered all possible implementation options, we chose the only correct one - running an ICO.

You are our most valuable resource, we ask you to accept this announcement accordingly, and to consider our plans for innovations from the prism “what opportunities this will open to me”.

We will be happy to receive your pieces of advice in the process of preparing and conducting both the ICO itself and the further development of the Terminal. All participants of this chat will be granted the deserved privileges of beta testing of the new product at the development stage.


Next steps:

  • Tech support for MoonBot will be valid until the MoonTrader’s release date +1 month (more details are in the FAQ section, tentatively January 10, 2020, the exact date will be announced on
  • For all MoonBot PRO users 1000 credits in the MoonTrader system will be allocated(according to the value of 1 credit = 1$ of MoonTrader services; each MoonBot PRO ID is eligible for 1000 credits).
  • The new functionality of MoonBot will not be further developed, all resources will be focused on MoonTrader.
  • From the time of this announcement until the end of the ICO there will be a discount on the PRO version of MoonBot using the code  "MoonTrader ICO"
    • 15% discount on activating the PRO version without MunScalper addon
    • 30% discount on activating the PRO version including the MoonScalper module
  • In case of ICO failure (non-collection of the Softcap amount in the 1st round), the team reserves the right to completely revise the future development policy of MoonBot, the timing of the decision, in this case, is not defined.


All the details of the upcoming ICO, as well as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), you can check by visiting at the official site of the project

Also please subscribe to official telegram groups.





All references to MoonBot in any other projects and ICO except MoonTrader are a scam! Be careful!


Yours sincerely, MoonTrader Team. 30.04.2019

We are happy to announce that we are starting the practice of regular competitions, in which users of the free version of Moon Bot will participate.


  • The competition starts every 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, at 00:01 GMT+0  and lasts exactly one week.
  • Only users of the free version participate. Any methods of trading are accepted - manual, auto by strategies, on signals, through Trusted Management and so on.
  • An up-to-date version of the bot is required.
  • It is required to specify in Moonbot settings the Telegram @ login, by which you can be contacted
  • The winner is selected by maximum profit in USD per week
  • Prize: PRO version for 1 month
  • The rating of the participants is conducted by our server fully automatically, in real time. You can watch it on the Moonbot Statistics web page, Competition tab
  • The administration reserves the right in the case of controversial results to request from applicants any supporting materials: screenshots of reports from the bot, screenshots of transactions from the exchange, and so on. Results may be revised by the Administration unilaterally without giving reasons.

The first competition will begin on March 18

How to participate:

Simply download MoonBot, on the "Settings - Login" page, check the "I agree to send my trade results to the statistics server" and start trading. Your trades will automatically appear on Moonbot Statistics web page

Original Trust Management tool was using Telegram channels to connect the main bot with slave bots. This approach is good enough for mid-term signals when delays of 1-3 seconds mean nothing. However for high-speed trading and scalping delays are critical.

Taking this into account we developed the new extra fast protocol for trust management. (Available only in PRO version).

Test results show that delays can be as small as 100ms and even less! In some cases, slave bots can be even faster than the master bot, if they use fast VPS close to exchange's servers location (i.e. Tokyo for Binance)

Factors to achieve high speed:

  1. The UDP protocol is connectionless, hence to send a signal means to send only one 1-way datagram. It's much faster than to establish a connection first then to send a signal and wait for confirmation. There is a drawback - very small chance that a command won't be received, in case of trust management tasks it doesn't really matter and means that one trade from let's say 1000 others will be missed.
  2. Some commands are "composite", consists of atomic sub-commands, For example, to replace an order consists of 3 operations:  to cancel an existing order, to wait for exchange's confirmation, to set new order. If the command: "replace an order" is sent to a fast VPS, it is executed by the VPS alone, and hence may be executed much faster than by master bot.


Moon Bot version 3.74 has got tools helping to use the bot for trust management.

How it works: when you trade with your bot (lets call it "Main" bot) either manually or via a strategy, the bot can automatically generate commands and send them to your own Telegram channel.

The main bot sends commands in special format which can be read by other bots ("slave" bots, subscribed to your channel). This way "slave" bots will copy your actions.

Note: After beta test only PRO bots will be able to receive commands!


New feature has been added in the bot version 3.68: the button "Share" on the market chart panel.

How it works: a trader who finds a coin, worth to be seen by others, can share it by pressing the button. The bot will post a message containing the coin, some its parameters, trader's name, ID and rating to our Telegram channel @MoonInt.

Please note:

  • Trader's name and Telegram @login are taken from the bot's "Settings - Login" page.
  • If you run 2 bots on the same PC, only 1 will be able to share coins.

The bot can read the @MoonInt channel automatically. Its recomended to configure a strategy with autobuy turned OFF, and with sound notification (so that you can check and decide yourself is the signal worth it). Some keywords (like ratingN) may be used as signal filters If you want to configure autotrading for  @MoonInt channel.

Settings example: